Hey there!

First off, cheers to you all for taking a look at my opening post!

I guess I’ll begin with a simple introduction.
I’m an Irishman, who was born in the USA.
At this minute, I’m sitting in an apartment in Boston, wearing a Meath jersey.

Great craic altogether.

I tend to make a lot of plans, and set goals for myself.
I dream a lot and for those of you who don’t know me, I can even see into the future in the midst of intense Gaelic football games.

I heard once (well, i actually read it on the tattooed arm of a lady that i met on a train) that ideas are bulletproof.
Of course, I googled it at home and learned that it is in fact, a quote from the film ‘V for Vendetta’, but who cares?
It’s the reason that I’ve started this blog.

A few weeks ago, I thought of writing a few articles titled ‘The Secret J1-er’ – seeing as i’m working in Boston for the summer.

It would have been something akin to the Guardians series of ‘The Secret Footballer’, however not quite as stimulating or enlightening.

I didn’t follow through with that idea, but here, I’ll post a few articles documenting my experiences in the U.S of A.
(It probably won’t be very secretive though.)

My aim is that someday, this blog of mine will be a worthwhile read to whoever stumbles upon it.

(Or whoever i’ve pacifically annoyed and plagued into reading it)

As time progresses, I promise you that the overall quality of my posts will improve…and you can quote me on that.

Unfortunately though my jokes have been in a steady decline since 1993.
Those of you who know me personally can second that!!

There’s no point in lying, my life tends to revolve around quite a few sporting calendars, so the odd post here and there may contain a few ramblings on the ‘bitta football’.

Outside of that I hope to write about different aspects of Irish society, the true meaning of life through my own two eyes and things that i feel are of terrible importance that i know and you don’t.

But in reality all of that is futile without the one thing in this world that actually matters…


Yep, believe it or not, you’re actually instrumental to everything.

Whoever is reading this, I hope you know that you are my muse, my flame…

Anyways, one thing I love passionately is food.

But I also love feedback.

If you don’t agree with me, good stuff, let me know why!
I’m all for having a good oul debate, and sure if it can’t be settled on the internet we’ll probably end up meeting someday, somewhere.
One thing i’ve learned is that Ireland is waaaaaaaaaay too small a country.

Here’s hoping for a successful blogging career…

If I fail I fail, if I don’t, god help ye all.

This blog of mine is obviously for your eyes only.

Take care of yourselves,

TR 🙂

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