Does it not make your blood boil?

Are you not frothing at the mouth?

“If they saw the enormity of it up front, they might decide they have a choice. You know what I mean? They might say the cost to the taxpayer is too high…if it doesn’t look too big at the outset…if it doesn’t look big, big enough to be important, but not too big that it kind of spoils everything, then, then I think you can have a chance. So I think it can creep up.”

Anglo knew that they were in deep trouble. They lured the Central Bank into giving them €7 Billion, a figure that senior manager John Bowe admitted he ‘picked it out [his] arse’, and laughed at the prospects of repayment. Once that investment was secured, they knew the Central Bank would have to keep pumping more and more money in and the taxpayer would be left with the bill.

The Irish Independent are currently releasing articles and taped phone calls from  their investigation into Anglo Irish Bank. What has emerged thus far is by no means surprising, nor is it a revelation. Rather, it’s confirmed what we’ve all suspected. The David Drums, Peter Fitzpatrick’s, and John Bowe’s of this country (and there were many of them) knew exactly what they were doing to us.

They knew the consequences that there actions and decisions would bring. They understood exactly what would happen. And now, we’re going to let them away with it?`

Anglo Irish Bank is expected to cost the taxpayer €30 Billion.

And that’s only the tip of what we’re expected to pay.

Listen to the tapes released by the Independent, and above all else, listen to the laughter that emanates from the various phone calls.

That laughter; sickening, heartily, evil chuckles that echo so much of the heartache, stress and depression.

Laughter that fueled so many suicides, broke so many marriages, forced emigration and shattered dreams.

It’s the laughter that has been stolen from our children’s children.

Laughter that mocks this country to it’s core.

Laughter that undermines everything we’ve ever achieved, the basis of our society for the past 90 years.

This bailout we are in the middle of, these debts that we have been struggling to pay. It’s a sham, a scam, a joke, a disgrace.

And, if we sit idly by and agree to it all, curse our future generations with years of debt, if we become enslaved by the criminal actions of these bankers. What does that say about us? Do we not possess any self-worth?

If we do nothing, well then, we do not deserve this country of ours. We do not deserve our independence. We do not not deserve justice.

This investigation will put further pressure on the government and the bankers, and it is rightfully within the public domain. As a journalism student I’ve always wondered how very few of our top writers, investigators or journalists broke information of this ilk when it could have changed things. Prior to the collapse, or even in it’s immediate aftermath.

Why has it taken 5 years for these tapes to emerge? Do we need to change the freedom of information act and further empower the rights to those who are supposed to be the ‘guardians of democracy’?

And now, after the truth emerges, what do the leaders of this country call for? What is their valiant response? A Banking Inquiry. A Tribunal. A big fucking waste of our money so we can unearth what we’ve already unearthed and come to zero conclusions, zero convictions or any point of note.

What we need, is for the ridiculous austerity measures that have been implemented to stop. What we need to do is look after the citizens of this country. To ensure our futures.

What we need to do is jail all the bankers, all the corrupt politicians, every goddamn white-collared criminal who stole from, pillaged and destroyed this country. Seize their assets, seize their hidden accounts and you can be guaranteed more will be raised than a petty dig at the struggling families during the next budget.

Just try and comprehend the history of Ireland. All the hardship, blood spilled, brothers who fought each other, families that starved to death. Pillaged, raped, invaded, enslaved. On it’s knees, crippled with poverty, sickness and illiteracy. It fought back, it’s people fought back. They rebelled against the institutions that decided they were not worthy of a proper existence. They were defeated and trampled on time and time again, but they never gave up. This country never bowed down.

Everything and all we have, we owe it to the men and women who fought for our freedom. Yeats lamented a century ago that ‘Romantic Ireland was dead and gone’. If we roll over and allow the gangsters who dictate our taxes and futures and lives take our freedom from us once more, well then, I suppose we can agree that Ireland itself, is dead, is gone.

I’ve often wondered why this country remained so inactive, so passive, over the last five years while the Greeks, Turks, and Cypriots rioted and took to the streets to protest the cuts, austerity and general disgraceful behaviour of their respective governments.

Did our brief fling with money during the ‘Celtic Tiger’ zap us of all our fight, morality, spirit and soul?

Did we engulf ourselves so much in the materialism of it all that we lost ourselves.

The Arab Spring occurred in early 2010. And it changed the face of the Arab World. Are we due a similar revolution in Ireland?

It’s so simple, and we could easily make such a difference if we took to the streets, peacefully and in numbers.

We went through a terribly difficult thirty years of violent troubles, political strife and uneasiness with the ‘North’. Our history is stained with emigration, poverty, starvation and civil unrest. Outsiders have forever threatened and stolen our independence. And now, once more, before we’ve even reached the centenary of the 1916 ‘Easter Rising’, we’re handing it all over in property taxes, water charges and bank bailouts.

As it always is with humanity. Our biggest enemy lies within us. Each and everyone of us.

Complacency, inactiveness, an outlook that ‘sure someone else will do it’.

Nobody. NOBODY. Is going to fight for YOUR rights.

Not the ‘Government’, not your neighbour, not your priest, nor even your 1,500 Facebook friends.

200,000 Brazilians took to the streets of their cities to protest taxes and raised prices on transport systems recently. The Brazilians refused to accept it. They refused to be beaten and they stood up making sure their voices were heard.

We are the Xbox generation, who’d rather sit on our arses and fight zombies in a futuristic, war game.

We are the twitter generation, who’d rather vent our unreserved disgust and anger in 140 characters than take to O’Connell street in numbers and roar expletives at the Government and Bankers who are trying to shackle us to the mistakes they made.

Go back and listen to that laughter once more. Hear the children crying at the funeral of a father who’s just taken his own life. Listen for the mother’s crying as their sons set off for foreign lands. Wait for the hollow emptiness within the minds of the youth as they wait around for a job. Hear the despair of the struggling single mother as she receives more bills, further taxes, more pressure.

And now listen for the sound of men who had so much power, controlled so many lives, and could still find the time to laugh at their own deceptions.

It’s the laughter that stick’s two middle fingers up at each and every one of us.

Are we going to lie down and ‘take it’ like they expect?

This isn’t a call to arms, nor is it a lament, it’s just a mirror of what we are and what we’ve become.

We need leaders in this country. And by leaders I don’t mean the suits and boots running the show that are so out of touch with reality they’re in another time dimension.

I mean real leaders, real people, and we need thousands of them. The educated youth, those of us that have been too quiet so far have to stand up.

We have to fight for our rights, we have to use the voices we have been blessed with to let the bankers who laughed at us and then proceeded to unzip their trousers and ‘piss’ all over us, know that we will take no more.

We don’t want to be sitting beside the fire in 60 years reflecting on the days where we could have made a difference. We don’t want to see our eldest grandchildren emigrating, our youngest freezing during the winter months. We want this country and our families to have freedom and experience it.

14 thoughts on “Ireland is Dead and Gone – The Anglo Tapes

  1. Very well written…please make it compulsory for everyone in this country to read!!! & react…ANY reaction is better than this…& please lets get up off our arses & plan a proper strategic protest with defined do-able demands & coherent collective action…together…yup we get the country we deserve…I just hope we don’t turn into the nation of ‘spineless gobshites’ as a certain well known singer said…led by a pack of spineless self-serving gobshites…and look back regretting having done nothing….

  2. name all those guilty of incompetence in their jobs, bankers , central bank officials, and government officials ( dead or alive ) in a poster displayed nationwide , make them all accountable , and issue punishments to them all .

  3. Who has had these tapes up till now? They really should have been brought to our attention years ago so the back stabbers could have been dealt with by freezing their personal assets instead of giving them fat bonuses. Who has been sitting on these tapes until now?

    • I don’t actually know Anne who had them and why they were held back, they may have been in the possession of the Gardaí from when they raided the Anglo buildings in early 2010 i think!! I don’t think the Independent have released where they came from. Think of the billions that would have been saved over the past four years if we were to combine all the €180,000 salaries paid out to those who bankrupted the country.

  4. Very well said. The Government as it is needs to be eradicated. There isn’t one party to take over from Fine Gael that would be any better than they are. A bunch of yes men, paying lip service to the public, but behind the scenes, bending over for the bondholders.

    We could all do with learning a few lessons from Iceland.

  5. brilliantly written article, what happened us all, things wont change unless we change how we react to all of this….we need to stop the me fein attitude and regroup otherwise this or something similar coud happen agian

  6. These Anglo Bankers should be charged with Treason – the definition of Treason is ‘Betrayal of your country’ and that is most certainly what they’ve done – economic treason. Then C.A.B. should go after and track down every single asset they have (they are Criminals in every sense of the word) including those they’ve transferred to anyone or accounts they’ve hidden a stash in, because you know they have! Maybe when these people OR ANYONE OF THESE PEOPLE is put in Jail, then perhaps we can concentrate on getting our country back up and running. As for a Tribunal – I refuse to pay for another one that only makes millionaires out of some in the Legal Profession and no-one gets convicted or does time.

  7. I Say ” Hang Em By Their Buster Browns “ !!! And, isn’t one of them living in a Palatial Mansion near Boston ??? Keep Them Out Of The USA !!!

  8. The docile acceptance of these criminal austerity policies makes me sick. . We are occupied again, by a more sinister force of bankers and economists. Time to rise up. Remember the song? “Only our rivers run free….”

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